sako player, 5th place in Thailand at CAPCOM Pro Tour’s premiere competition and Game Over 2019 “Street Fighter V AE” category!



Sako, a member of the fighting game category, participated in the “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” category of the “Game Over 2019” fighting game competition held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from July 6 to July 7, 2019. , Won the fifth place.


Currently, sako is participating in the “CAPCOM Pro Tour”, which is held at the end of the year, for the official competition “CAPCOM CUP 2019” of “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” to be held at the end of the year. You
He has participated in the “Game Over 2019”, which has been designated as the “CAPCOM Pro Tour” global premiere, and has attracted a number of strong players from around the world.


The sako player has now won the fifth place in the world, defeating the top players in the world rankings, such as Punk. According to this result, the world ranking is tentatively upgraded to 17th place.
He will continue to do his best to make the CAPCOM CUP 2019 a participant, and to be able to make more results in more tournaments.