Ryusei Player in the Fighting Games category, CEO of CAPCOM Pro Tour, CEO 2019 “Street Fighter V AE”, 7th place in Thailand!



Ryusei, who belongs to the Fighting Games category, is 7 in the “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” category of “CEO 2019,” a large-scale fighting games tournament held in the United States from June 28 to June 30, 2019. We will announce that we have won a tie.


Ryusei is currently participating in the “CAPCOM Pro Tour,” where official competitions are being held all over the world, to participate in the “CAPCOM CUP 2019”, the official world tournament of “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” held at the end of the year. You are The “CEO 2019” who participated this time is designated as the “CAPCOM Pro Tour” global premiere competition, and many strong players gathered from all over the world.


Ryusei won an impressive 7th place in the final standings, winning the game with tenacious play, even in a tough tournament combination where he played against three world champions. According to this result, the world ranking is tentatively ranked 37th in the rankings. Ryusei will continue to do his best to make the first “CAPCOM CUP 2019” participation possible, and to be able to finish the results in more tournaments.


Also, sako, who also belongs to “FAV gaming”, ranked ninth in the tournament in Thailand. The world ranking is tentatively 22nd. At Gz Brain, we will continue to work on the further development of e-sports, including support for players belonging to the professional gaming team “FAV gaming”, including Ryusei players, as well as planning and producing of game events.


■ Profile
Unnamed: Ryusei
Age: 25
Origin: Saitama Prefecture
He has won numerous large competitions in the “BLAZBLUE” series and won the world champion in 2017, the world’s largest fighting game competition, the EVO 2017. After that, he entered “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” in search of a bigger battle stage.


Main results

・ SoCal Regionals 2017 BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION victory
・ EVO 2018 Street Fighter V Arcade Edition 9th
・ 7th TOPANGA League Online Qualifier Street Fighter V AE Winner
・ The 7th TOPANGA League Online League Street Fighter V AE 7th, etc.



Delivery https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPr2Pyu41o1O7NXl4eDaLPw