OdeNMiso player coaching, new member ChloroForM player · shu player joining announcement


Rainbow Six Siege News

In addition to becoming a coach of OdeNMiso and aiming for further activity of Rainbow Six Siege Division in FAV gaming, we will announce that ChloroForM and shu will join as new members.


■ OdeNMiso player coach appointed


As a player, I was not so good at personal skills such as Aim.
I think that he was a player who supplemented that amount with knowledge and thinking.
Based on my previous knowledge and theory when I was appointed as a coach
I would like to improve the team level.
Not only winning, but people who are looking at it feel like they are beautiful
I will do my best to show you the game, so please give me some support.


■  ChloroForM Join


My name is ChloroForM and I am in the Rainbow Six Siege category.
I wanted to be the best in the world, and I received a tryout, thinking that FAV gaming could be the team that I am aiming for.
I aim to be the best in the world and I will do my best every day. Thank you!



■ shu Join

My name is shu and I am in the Rainbow Six Siege category.
Also, I’m very happy to be back at ProLeague.
I will strive for victory only. Please provide some support.