Notification of new member amenbo player joining and K-RAISER player contract termination


Rainbow Six Siege News

This time, a new member has joined the Rainbow Six Siege Division of FAV gaming, and K-RAISER announces that the contract has ended.


■ About amenbo player participation

We are pleased to announce amenbo as a coach and analyst, aiming to make the Rainbow Six Siege division more active.
Taking advantage of the wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated so far, in the future, will be responsible for coaching and team formation of players.


▼ Career
・ JCG R6S PC Master 2016 # 02 victory
・ 2018-03-21 to 2018-04-20 eiNs to participate in the professional league as a substitute for Odenmiso
・Belonging as an analyst at eiNs from November 2018
・ R6S Level UP UP Quest # 1 Winner (analyst)


■ About the end of K-RAISER player contract

As a member of the Rainbow Six Siege Division of FAV gaming, K-RAISER, who has continued to support the team’s activities, has concluded the contract with the team as a result of discussing future activities.


He worked with ambition on daily practice, and at the game there were many occasions where he worked as a team supporter and backed up his friends.


We are grateful to K-RAISER for his success and wish him good luck.