“Kuroutoshikou cup # 8” OdenMiso player commentary appearance decision!


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On February 21st, 2019 (Sunday), it was decided that OdeNMiso players from “Rainbow Six Siege Division” will appear as a commentary from “FAVgaming” at “Kuroutoshikou Cup # 8”.


■ “Kuroutoshikou cup # 8” held summary

Name of the event: Kuroutoshikou cup # 8
Summary: The official online competition for PC version ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ sponsored by ‘Kuroutoshikou’.Date and time: April 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun) 2019 2019 (※ Delivery is available only on the 21st)

Real condition: Furi-da

Commentary: Okayama, OdeNMiso (FAVgaming)



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He was fascinated by the attractiveness of the competition TPS and FPS triggered by the online TPS, which he had been invited to by a friend in his childhood.
R6S Pro League One of the starting members of the first APAC champions.
“Rainbow Six Siege” Japan e Sports Professional License owned.


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