Gz Brain’s professional gaming team “FAV gaming” “Rainbow Six Siege Division” established!


Rainbow Six Siege News

An e-sport that shows excitement all over the world.


In addition to the existing divisions, the professional gaming team “FAV gaming” has newly launched “Rainbow Six Siege Division”.


“Rainbow Six Siege” is a popular online FPS with more than 40 million players worldwide, and competitions are held around the world, and it is a title that has received great attention in the field of e-sports.


The newly created “Rainbow Six Siege Division” has seven members of the strong team “eiNs” who have achieved good results in a number of competitions and have won third place in the domestic professional league last season became.
With a leader in the world top class ability and popular commentator ShiN, we will form a new team as “FAV gaming”.


First of all, aiming to participate in the “FAV gaming” world competition, we will participate in the professional league “Rainbow Six Pro League Season 9 APAC” and “Six Invitational APAC Closed Qualifying”.


■ “Rainbow Six Siege Division” leader ShiN comment

“I would like to convey my experience and knowledge to the team members, grow as a team together, grow and become stronger. The team slogan“ Fun and Victory ”is one of my mottos As we do, it seems so honored to meet this team. And we aim to create a team that fans can enjoy and see, so please support us. ”


In Gz Brain, we will continue to do our best to expand the field of “FAV gaming” players and maximize their performance and attraction.