Gaming device brand “Xtrfy” Japan authorized distributor Techtech Co., Ltd. sponsors decided!


We are pleased to announce that the sponsor of the professional gaming team “FAV gaming” has been decided by Techtech Co., Ltd., the authorized distributor of gaming device brand “Xtrfy”.

“FAV gaming” currently has three divisions: “Fighting Game Division”, “Crash Royale Division” and “Rainbow Six Siege Division”, and a total of 15 players belong to it. We started activities in earnest from last year and have participated in various competitions regardless of domestic and overseas.

This time, a sponsor by Techtech Co., Ltd., a Japanese authorized agent of gaming device brand “Xtrfy” has been decided.
“FAV gaming” was chosen because “We felt the passion and sympathy for e-sports from the team and Famitsu media”.
Going forward, we will further enhance e-sports through sponsorship activities.

We will continue to make every effort to manage the team and support the players so that they can maximize the performance and attractiveness of the players belonging to “FAV gaming”.


About Xtrfy

Xtrfy is a company that sells “e-sports equipment” that goes beyond ordinary gaming devices, developed based on the experience of professional players of the top professional e-sports team Ninjas in Pyjamas (commonly known as NiP) in Scandinavia.
Ninjas in Pyjamas is one of the world’s strongest professional e-sports teams, founded in 2000.
It is famous as a team of CS: GO (CSGO, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), and recently a team of PUBG is also active.

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About Techtech Co., Ltd.

Techtech Co., Ltd. handles overseas imported products with original product development and agency contracts developed in-house.
In 2018, we launched an authorized Xtrfy distributor in Japan to provide products that can meet the demands of everyone in the esports device market.

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