Sponsor of Japan Network Enabler Co., Ltd. has been decided!


We will inform you that the sponsor of “FAV gaming” by Nippon Network Enabler Co., Ltd., which provides the next generation high-speed Internet connection service “v6 Plus”, has been decided.


“V6 Plus” is an Internet connection service that uses the next-generation network, allowing you to enjoy the Internet comfortably even at night when communication speeds are likely to drop.
This service provides an optimal Internet connection environment for esports competition scenes where the moment is a turning point.
In the future, we will use “v6 plus” to improve the practice environment for our players, and will release PR videos of “v6 plus” by athletes as needed.

In addition, the “v6 plus” brand logo that was newly decided as a sponsor was posted on the uniform.


We will continue to make every effort to manage the team and support the players so that they can maximize the performance and attractiveness of the players belonging to “FAV gaming”.


Display “V6 Plus” logo on uniform



▲FAV gaming Uniform image


About Japan Network Enabler Co., Ltd.


Nippon Network Enabler Co., Ltd., as a VNE business, provides network facilities, etc. for providing IPv6 Internet to ISP operators as a roaming service.
By having multiple ISPs jointly use network facilities, etc., it has become possible to take advantage of economies of scale and provide a high-quality network with high efficiency and low cost.


Official site: https://www.jpne.co.jp/


About “v6 plus”


“V6 Plus” is an ISP provider that uses the next generation network (NGN) of NTT East and West to provide Internet connection to customers (end users) without IPv6 and IPv4 facilities. It is service to have you.
This service is a dual-stack roaming service that uses IPv6 Internet connection based on the “IPoE method” and IPv4 Internet connection realized on an IPv6 network.


Service introduction page: https://www.jpne.co.jp/service/v6plus/