April 25 begins! Announcing the new system of “Claroi League Asia 2019” FAV gaming



The official esports league “Clash Royal League Asia 2019” details of “Crash Royale” will be announced from Supercell.
In this announcement, we will report that the four professional players and coaches in the FAV gaming Clash Royale division have been decided.



League Details
“Crash Royal League Asia 2019” will start on April 25, 2019, and will be held in Korea for all matches (except Season 2 playoffs).


First of all, 66 rounds of rounds match in the regular season, and the eight teams that have won can advance to the playoffs.


The format of the game is Set1 2v2, Set2 1v1, Set3 “1v1 KING OF THE HILL (KOH) *”, and all sets are based on the BO3 (3Set, 2Set first) format. In addition, only the playoff finals will be in the form of BO5 (5Set, 3Set first).


Set3 is executed when Set1 and Set2 have not won or won.

※ One-to-one win over 3 game preemption



Introducing players of FAV gaming
We will introduce 4 professional players who have been decided along with the following questions.

1, Enthusiasm for the league
2, favorite card
3, changed to become a professional (to existing players)
Looking forward to (new players)



1, FAV wins the world this time
2, Golem
3, your weaknesses and what is required




1. We will work together as a team aiming for the best in the world!
2, Lavahound
3, What can be devoted to Claroa



1, enjoy more than anyone!
2, ice spirit
3. To show your ability to the world



1, I can not see only the world
2, Musketeer
3. Fight against strong players! I am especially looking forward to playing against PONOS.



“Crash Royal League Asia” provides real-time delivery on the official YouTube channel
All matches of “Crash Royal League Asia 2019” will be delivered in real time on the official YouTube channel.