Pro gaming team “FAV gaming” PC parts brand “Kuroutoshikou” sponsorship is decided!


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In the professional gaming team “FAV gaming”, we announce that the sponsorship by the PC parts brand “Kuroutoshikou” has been decided by CFD Sales Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President & CEO: Hirotoshi Mitani).


“FAV gaming” is a gaming team produced by Gz Brain, and has a total of 15 players, consisting of three divisions: Fighting Games, Crash Royale, and Rainbow Six Siege.


We started activities in earnest from last year and have participated in various competitions regardless of domestic or foreign.


This time, FAV gaming has newly decided a sponsor by PC parts brand “Kuroutoshikou”.


“Kuroutoshikou” is a brand that continuously holds the JCG official online competition “Kuroutoshikou Cup” (organizer: Kuroutoshikou) of UBI software “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege”.


In the future, we will further enhance the e-Sports scene through tie-ups with “Kuroutoshikou” and appearances of related events.


“FAV gaming” is the first time that “Kuroutoshikou” sponsors a professional gaming team.



■ About the Kuroutoshikou
Professional orientation is a domestic PC parts brand of CFD sales original.


The product range includes graphic boards, expansion interface boards, power supplies for PCs, external HDD cases, etc. The graphic boards have won the No. 1 share for 16 consecutive years, and support for playing games more comfortably and smartly We will stimulate the e-Sports industry by disseminating information and holding events.


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