Rainbow Six® Siege

The “Rainbow Six Siege” on sale from Ubisoft is a tactical shooter that depicts the activity of the “terrorism” special unit “Rainbow” composed of multinational special forces such as the United States, Germany, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom.

The Rainbow Six Siege Division has seven former eiNs players who were active in the amateurs. Renamed eiNs to FAVgaming, aiming for the world.




2019.01.10 Six Invitational 2019-APAC Online Qualifier Day # 1 Winner January 4, 2018
2018.12.14 2018 LEVEL UP UP series Quest # 1 R6S Finals victory
2018.12.14 2018 Pro League Season 8 / Asia Pacific Japan region 3rd place
2018.12.14 2018 Pro League Season 7 / Asia Pacific Japan region 4th place
2018.12.14 2018 Six Invitational 2018 9th 1-2nd
2018.12.14 2017 JCG Master Monthly Ops-December 2017 Rank 2
2018.12.14 2017 Pro League Year 2 Season 3-Finals 5th-8th
2018.12.14 2017 Pro League Year 2 Season 3-Asia Pacific Winner
2018.12.14 2017 UBI day domestic competition second place
2018.12.14 2017 NVIDIA GeForce Cup Winner