FAV gaming’s fighting game division currently has Sako and Ryusei as its members. Both players are striving hard for winning CAPCOM CUP, the official world tournament of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition.
Check out Seyana TV by Famitsu AppVS on YouTube that focuses on different aspect of these players.
The division will continue to add excitement to tournaments and increase the media exposure in order to foster momentum for fighting game esports.



US San Jose CPT Premier Tournament “NoCal Regionals 2019”. sako Ryusei participation March 29 (Fri)-31 (Sun)

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur CPT Ranking Competition “FV × SEA Major 2019” Sako / Ryusei participation March 23 (Saturday)-24 (Sunday)

USA Atlanta CPT Premier Tournament “FINAL ROUND 2019” Sako / Ryusei participation March 15 (Fri)-17 (Sun)

Saitama Sonic City held “Saitama Game City” SFV AE Exhibition Match Sako / Ryusei appearance March 3 (Sunday) 15: 45-

Nico Nico live broadcasting hamster channel ‘175th arcade archiver sako’s & HORI special! ” Sako appearance February 21 (Thursday) 19: 00-23: 00

CS Broadcasting Fuji TV ONE “Good Service!” # 36 Ryusei appearance February 16 (Saturday) 18:00-20:00

Tokaigi 2019 Asobi hodai area “Seyana TV business trip version” Sako / Ryusei appearance January 26 (Sat)-27 (Sun)

AbemaTV Ultra Games Channel “Ultra Game Stations strike V AE # 6” Ryusei appearance January 10 (Thu) 22:00 to 23:00


Capcom Cup 2018 (US) 【Sako】 Main battle 17th / 【Ryusei】 LCQ 25th

Canada Cup 2018 (Canada) SFVAE 【Sako】 49th place

SEA Major 2018 (Singapore) CPT Asia Regional Final 【Sako】 7th place

SEA Major 2018 (Singapore) SFVAE REGIONAL OPEN PREMIER 【Sako】 7th / 【Ryusei】 17th

The seventh TOPANGA league final league league 【Sako】 3rd place

CAPCOM Pro Tour 2018 Online Ranking Event Asia East 2 【Ryusei】 17th

CAPCOM Pro Tour JAPAN Premier 【Sako】 97th / 【Ryusei】 17th

Rookies Caravan 2018 Fighting Supernova Scout Project [Team Aichi (sako / Toriha / Yuzuponzu)] victory

SoCal Regionals 2018 (US) SFVAE 【Sako】 Winning

The 7th TOPANGA League Online League 【Sako】 C block victory / 【Ryusei】 A block 7th place