Rainbow Six Siege


Birthplace:Hyogo, Japan

Founder and leader of "eiNs". He has participated in the world tournament three times and has been selected twice for the all-star. I'm in charge of creating a team strategy from my abundant experience, and Flex that moves to fill in the holes of allies. In defense, he is in charge of the IGL (In-Game Leader) and is vulnerable to the attack of the opponent. R6S Pro League A leader and a starting member of the first APAC champions.


Pro League Year2 Season3 Asia Pacific Winner
Pro League Year 2 Season 3 Finals 5th-8th

Six Invitational 2018 9th-12th
Six invitational 2018 All-Star
Six Major Paris 2018 All-Star

Six Invitational 2019 Asia Pacific Rank 2

Participated in TGS 2018 / Season 8 APAC Finals in Tokyo as a commentary
"Rainbow Six Siege" Japan e Sports Professional Licensed